A Multi-Method Analysis of Biosecurity Measures for Preventing Zoonotic Spillovers in Policies and Practices for Addressing Illegal Wildlife Trade in the Philippines

Mentor: Phillip Alviola, MS
Team: Madeiline Aloria, MDE; Jay Mark Balbosa, JD; Jamaica Ann Caras, MS; Carah Lyn Lo, MD, MS; Sheina Macy Manalo, DVM, MZOH; Emilia Lastica-Ternura, DVM, MS

Project Summary: The issue of illegal wildlife trade (IWT) is a persisting global concern, especially in mega-biodiverse countries like the Philippines. Various policies such as the “Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act” or R.A. No. 9147 have been enacted to combat illegal wildlife trade to prevent IWT. The rescue process–seizure, transport, containment, and disposal–narrows the human-animal interface, increasing the risk of zoonotic transmission between animals and humans. Biosecurity protocols are in place to prevent zoonotic spillover events; however, there is uncertainty about whether existing laws and policies outlining biosecurity measures are strictly enforced by apprehending authorities and receiving facilities. Therefore, it is imperative to assess the adherence to national biosecurity policies, and whether they are up to par with international standards to ensure that the risk of zoonotic transmission throughout the entire rescue process is mitigated and prevented.

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