Local One Health Index (LOHI): Developing a Transdisciplinary Tool to Assess One Health Performance at the Subnational Level in the Philippines

Mentor: Ronald Allan Cruz, PhD
Team: Jackielyn Abela; Jose Emmanuel De Luna, MS; Von Carlo Dela Torre, MS; Jabez Joshua Flores, PhD; Carlo Lumangaya

Project Summary: This study aims to develop a Local One Health Index (LOHI) that would measure One Health capacity and performance of subnational units in the Philippines. Employing the One Health approach, which recognizes that the health of people is closely connected to the health of animals and our shared environment, this project will utilize transdisciplinary indicators derived from existing global metrics guided by an expert panel and devise an assessment tool for use in local jurisdictions, which will include indicators on wildlife trade and pandemic prevention. The study will also involve preprocessing of publicly available data, and index score calculation of selected sites for field validation of the proposed index.

Contact person

Jabez Joshua Flores, Ph.D.