Exploration of Perspectives, Experiences, and Visions of Local Stakeholders on the One Health Issues in the Philippines

Mentor: John Jamir Aruta, PhD
Team: Emmanuelle Angeles, MD; Al John Cabanas, MS; Jayvee Moltio, RN, MS; Ryan John Pascual, MSc; Bai Syrah Laila Sangid, RPsy, RPm, MS

Project Summary: In the Philippines, there is limited evidence on stakeholders’ understanding of and participation in issues regarding illegal wildlife trade, environmental degradation, zoonotic diseases, and the One Health concept as a whole. At present, there has been no study on One Health awareness of various stakeholder groups (e.g., lay people, policymakers, and practitioners), especially in local communities with documented illegal wildlife trade activities. Focusing on two local communities in the provinces of Palawan and Cebu, this mixed methods study will investigate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices around the One Health approach of various stakeholders, capture their lived experiences of issues at the nexus of wildlife and disease, and explore their visions for the future of One Health multi-sectoral collaboration using the Three Horizons Approach.

Contact person

Emmanuelle Angeles, MD