NGOHP Fellows Reconnect and Share Reflections on the Fellowship in Virtual Catch-Up

The Next Generation One Health Philippines (NGOHP) Fellows gathered last October 2, 2023, for an engaging virtual catch-up session. It was a time for celebration and reflection as fellows from various backgrounds and disciplines from all over the Philippines came together to share their professional milestones and personal growth. The event provided a platform for fellows to showcase their achievements, learn from one another, and build connections that would last a lifetime. Next Generation One Health Philippines (NGOHP) Fellowship is a project under the Planetary and Global Health Program of the St. Luke’s Medical Center – College of Medicine and funded by the International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade.

During the gathering, each fellow had the opportunity to showcase their professional milestones and personal growth, with many sharing experiences from attending big conferences and submitting scientific papers, to sharing insights on joining an international fellowship. The gathering provided a supportive environment for fellows to share their successes and learn from one another’s experiences.

The catch-up session was not just a reunion, but also a platform that enabled the fellows to come together and celebrate each other’s achievements and work collectively towards a more vibrant One Health community.

NGOHP also dedicated a session for fellows to express their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas regarding the fellowship. While the feedback session revealed areas for improvement, it also demonstrated how it has empowered them to collaborate and engage with wider professional networks. “The fellowship has opened a lot of opportunities for me,” Dr. Jabez Flores said. 

Looking ahead, there is excitement and anticipation for the current and upcoming activities led by the fellowship. The fellows are currently featured in Ask Theory, a podcast that highlights the brilliance and life of Filipino scientists. Past podcast episodes can also be viewed at this link. They were also part of the recently concluded Juan Health Conversations, which is a three-part webinar series aiming to localize One Health in contextually relevant ways for Filipinos.

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